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Tools for #DHLCommons

Skate Keys

Skate Keys 1950I3

Who doesn’t like tools? This is a first response to brotherly DHLCommons “hangout” on Monday with Jim Groom, Alan Levine and Howard Rheingold.

The hangout was meant as a spectator event to introduce DML Commons and explain the Landing Page for the website. The first half hour included a very interesting discussion of connected, digital scholarship and how we can use blogs to discover and create communities.

The second half of the conversation was a description and explanation of the DML Commons landing page, which you can find at

Here’s a link to my notes on the video – a kind of summary really, using plug in for GoogleDocs, (Opens in a new window. Install the plug in to view, from GooglePlay). is a video annotation package that’s really nice for keeping track of what people say on video.